Our Mission


  • To foster relations with alumni of Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish
  • To advance the continuation of Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish
  • To preserve the religious beliefs instilled in its parishioners
  • To promote the interests and general welfare of Notre Dame de Lourdes School
  • To support and advance Catholic education
                     Community Outreach

Dear Lord, heavenly Father,

We come to you with Praise and Thanksgiving. Praise to you for the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ and your gifts of grace and mercy. Thanksgiving for our salvation and all that you have already provided us. We pray that your Holy Spirit will fill us with your wisdom and understanding as we continue on this venture to save our Notre Dame de Lourdes Parish. We pray for your healing powers on Archbishop Chaput to bring him back to the Sheppard he was and we need in this time of change. We pray in Jesus name for the restoration of our parish so that we may return to the love and service of our Lord, in our community, as we knew it.

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